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Profits, Your Seven Letters to Success

This book, originally published in 2010, is now the foundation of all training and coaching that is delivered by Pinnacle Sales.  It is in this book where we get the definition of a professional which is:

  • PEAK PERFORMER who has the abilities and understands the importance to PLAN and PREPARE
  • Understands and acknowledges their RESPONSIBILITIES to their organization and customers,  and can RETAIN their business, while maintaining RESPECT with their clients, companies, and most importantly themselves
  • Maintains a FOCUS on their duties and goals  
  • Has a character built on INTEGRITY and they have personal INITIATIVE
  • Has the ability and TRUST to work in a TEAM environment
  • Provides all this to their internal and external customers with the utmost SINCERITY

Pinnacle Sales drives "Employee Engagement", and here are the benefits

These are the benefits of employee engagement.  This can start by being a professional.  Click the link below to dowload your free copy of the book! 

About the Author, Mike Kole

Mike is the founder & President of Pinnacle Sales.  

He has spent over 4 decades from the field to the boardroom of a Fortune 5 Company!  His plain speaking, coversational style of writing engages the reader quickly, and completely.  Mike, an executive & business coach, is also a Zig Ziglar Legacy Certified trainer, and a Professor of Leadership & Management at Northwood University. 

Mike is available for private workshops, 1:1 Coaching, Keynotes and Seminars.